What exactly do I have? What condition is it in? What is it's age and origin? Is it a good time to sell it? Which is the appropriate venue for sale?

Consultation Services

Navigating resale markets can be challenging and time consuming for sellers. Starting with a reliable valuation of your property is key to an informed decision to keep or sell.


Unfortunately, many clients come to me after having dealt with misleading online services, exaggerated claims, and conflicting statements of value.


Consultations serve multiple purposes. It gives me the opportunity to address your immediate concerns and customize my services to your needs.


Over the past six years, I have helped a variety of clients locate the appropriate venue to sell their artwork. Identifying the correct market begins by properly identifying the artwork and conducting informed research to determine a realistic tier of value.

I do not urge every client to sell. I work transparently with them to establish a relationship with venues where artwork similar to theirs is most commonly sold. There is no pressure to sell following a market value consultation.

A consultation is not an appraisal and can not be used as such. No appraisal documentation is provided by the appraiser following a consultation. Information can be used solely by the client; third-party use is not intended. If an appraisal document is requested following the consultation, relevant consultation fees are credited towards the final cost of the written appraisal.

Services Provided

Collection Downsizing


Condition Reporting


Personalized Sales Assistance


Estate Planning


Price to Sell (Private)

Shipping Estimates


Insurance Appraisals

Charitable Contribution

Collecting Management Services


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